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Digestion - the children had lots of fun exploring the process of Digestion in Science!

Scratch remix

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As part of our computing we have been exploring scratch. We have decomposed a ready made animation and then remixed it to make it our own!

Scratch remix 2

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Scratch remix 3

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Scratch remix 4

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Musician in Residence - in January we were lucky enough to have a Musician in Residence day. We learnt about different types of drums and percussion and took part in a workshop, learning how to play Brazilian Samba.

Term 3


This term we are lucky enough to have Lincolnshire Music Service in on Fridays.  Our class will be learning how to play Djembe drums. 

Year 3 are swimming on Thursday afternoons while Year 4 are participating in golf.


Miss Keuneke is now working in class one. We will be welcoming Mrs Cash into class three to work alongside Mrs Beckingham and Mrs Osborne. 


Term 2

Term 2 is going to be a busy term with the run up to Christmas! This term we are learning the follwing:

English - We are going to be exploring the book 'Aladdin and the enchanted lamp' by Phillip Pullman and exploring a non-fiction text on animals in a national park.

Maths - We are going to move our learning onto multipliation and division. We will consolidate the times tables previously learnt before moving onto new tables. There will be lots of TT Rockstars homework to consolidate our learning!

Science - Our topic this term is forces and magnets. We will be investigating friction and magnetic forces, idenitfying which materials are magnetic.

Topic - We are continuing our topic on South America and the rainforest

DT - We are going to be making moving figures linked to our topic

PSHE - We are thinking about keeping ourselves safe. This term we are also going to be celebrating anti-bullying week.

Computing - This term we are going to be exploring databases

RE - We are going to continue our learning on The Holy Trinity

French - We are going to look at asking questions about our family.

Music - In music we are going to be looking at adding ostinatos into poetry

PE - On Mondays we have Lincoln City providing our PE sessions. PE is on a Monday and a Friday


Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on the class email:


Mrs Beckingham and Mrs Osborne 

Recycling bhangra

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Throughout term 1 our music learning led us to performing a rondo in Bhangra style. It involved clapping different rhythms for different sections of the rondo. The rondo was verse A, Verse B, Verse A, Verse C, Then verses A, B and C together.



Mrs Beckingham teaches class three on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Osborne teaches class three on a Thursday and Friday. This year Mrs Osborne will also be working within the class on a Tuesday morning and a Wednesday afternoon. 

Miss Keuneke is our classroom assistant.

P.E. days are on a Monday and a Friday. Please ensure all P.E. kits are in school for these days.

Homework is sent home on a Wednesday and due in on the following Monday. Spellings are also sent home on a Wednesday. 




This term we have lots of exciting things planned including a school trip based on our Topic on The Romans. More information will be sent home very soon! 


We also have lots of other exciting learning this term:


English- we will be looking at an extract from the well known Roald Dahl book 'The BFG' and then looking at writing diaries as we explore the journal of Lliona, a Roman slave.

Maths - We are going to continue with decimals in Year 4 and measurement in Year 3, followed by money.

Science- Over the next two terms our Science topic will be based around sound, looking at what sound is, how we hear it and investigating sound around us.

Music - We are going to look at the unit of sound from Music Express, linking with our Science topic.

P.E. - We will be developing our fielding skills through kwik cricket. Please ensure appropriate footwear is sent in as we will be on the field for this.

Art - We will be looking at Goldsworthy and environmental sculpture. 

RE - Over the next two terms we will be looking at Hinduism and the Hindu community. 

Computing- Our theme this term is looking at what parts a computer is made up from and how it works. 

PSHE - This term our theme is relationships.


Please note: days that homework is sent out will be changing. 

Homework books are to be handed in on Tuesdays. 

New homework will be sent out on a Thursday. 


We hope you are as excited as we are for this term!


For any queries please email us: 


Mrs Beckingham and Mrs Osborne 


Science Knowledge Organiser - Terms 5 and 6

Samba Drumming

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This term we have enjoyed learning Samba Drumming with Lincolnshire Music Service. We performed our drumming to the whole school and invited parents to come and watch too!


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French Day

We had a great day painting pictures of the Eiffel Tower in the style of George Seurat and ordering food in the French cafe. We had to ask for either croissant, brioche or pain au chocolat in French and then enjoyed eating them!

World Maths Day - finding and comparing fractions

Japanese Taiko Drumming- February 2023

Term 4 


This term we have lots of exciting things planned including a Taiko drumming workshop, World Maths Day and French Day.

We are also going to be busy learning the following:

English  - We are watching the film 'The lost thing' by Shaun Tan and creating some effective sentences to re-tell the story. We are also going to be writing a newspaper report. 

Maths - Most of this term we are focusing on fractions and equivalent fractions. 

Science - We are learning about sorting living organisms into classification keys and food chains

PE - Our PE day is on Monday. On Wednesdays, Year 4s go swimming and Year 3 have another PE lesson. Please ensure kits are in school on these days.

Geography - We are going to be looking at our local city of Lincoln with a focus on mapping skills

DT - We are going to be creating packaging, designing and making nets for the packaging

Music - We are very lucky to be having Lincolnshire Music Service in this term to learn Samba drumming

RE - We are going to be looking at Christian believes around Easter


WELCOME TO CLASS 3 - 2022/2023

Welcome to Class 3!


This Year class 3 are taught by Mrs Beckingham on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mrs Osborne on Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Jones is our classroom assistant.

We are made up of a mix of Year 3s and Year 4s. 

This year we have lots of exciting activities planned!

Mark Austin report for Miss Watsons class

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Class Three 2021


Welcome back to a new year! 

This term we have lots of fascinating learning to do. 



We are going to look the story of some mysterious flying frogs in Tuesday.

Then we will be reading and writing information texts all about the Amazon Rainforest.

We will be recapping previous learning and then working hard to improve our writing and reading skills. 



We will be looking at the place value of numbers as well as re-visiting addition and subtraction.



This term we will be learning more about plants. We will be investigating the best way to care for and grow plants as well as learning more about how they grow.



Our geography topic is comparing the United Kingdom and South America. This will include looking at the climate, physical and human features of each place. 



This term we will be focussing on Being My Best which is all about how to believe in ourselves, appreciate our differences and keep ourselves healthy and happy. 



This term we are looking at Incarnation. We will be learning about the Holy Trinity through the bible. 



For the first half of the term we will be working on creating our own versions of Starry Night using lots of different materials and techniques.



We have PE every Monday morning with a specialist teacher from Lincoln City. This term Mr Leadham will be helping us with our football skills. We also have PE on a Tuesday afternoon with Mrs Roulston and we will be playing netball during these sessions. 



We will be using Music Express to learn about performance poems and songs. 



Using the KAPOW resources we will be learn about how Networks and the Internet work.



In Class Three we are using Seesaw to set our weekly spelling lists and tasks. These can be completed online or in your homework book. We have a spelling test every Friday. 

There will also be another task. This will often be maths be it may also sometimes be a topic for example geography or science. 



It is important that you have your school reading book and reading record in school everyday so that we can listen to you read. When you have read all of your book and an adult has heard you then you will be able to swop it for a new one. Sometimes you might be asked to complete a review of your book. We like to add these to our reading display for other children to read as it might be a book that interests them as well.