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Mrs. Mary King's C.E. School

Working together with God's help we can all achieve great things.

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Collective worship is planned and delivered using ‘Roots and Fruits’. This follows a plan for twelve Christian Values.



For full details of how collective worship is organised please see the policy below.

Our school mission statement 'working with God's help we can all achieve great things' is linked to the story of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Our school altar has a number of seasonal fronts, this one celebrates our mission statement.

Children from the schools collective worship council are involved in planning and delivering collective worship in church and school.

Godly Play Collective Worship

Wednesdays are Mr Sewell's Godly Play collective worship. These use Godly Play resources to tell stories in a simple meaningful way. The Autumn Term stories follow the Old Testement and tell the story of Moses and The Great Family. The format of these collective worships is: opening words and the lighting of the candles, the story, reflection time and 'wondering', pupil led prayers, hymn and closing words.