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Children's Access to Appropriate Age Rated Games and TV

Last week I overheard children talking about 'Squid Game', it was only a matter of time I suppose.... There is a huge amount of hype about this programme currently, and I notice that the local authority is asking schools to remind parents about age guidance on apps and games as a result. There has been plenty in the media about schools sending parents letters about this programme and I am sure you have seen what is being said.


I will just say that I have overheard comments such as, 'you cant stop them seeing it, they will watch it whatever'. This is a concern; if parents don't have control over a subscription viewing service it would mean that their children can access pretty much anything.....


We have had a couple of quite serious safeguarding incidents involving children at both schools over the years, all of which have occurred at home and despite Esafety lessons in school. I know that these cases have been really upsetting to the families involved and they wouldn't recommend the experience. There are a number of useful links with advice on the school website if you are concerned.