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Working together with God's help we can all achieve great things.

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Good luck to all our Year Six Leavers, it was lovely to be able to celebrate their end of year in church and we hope those that were able to attend the services enjoyed the experience. Thank you Rev Steve and Mel Cuttell for helping us to make this happen.



End of Term News Update

Those families entitled to food vouchers will receive three £25 Wande vouchers spread through the holiday. You should receive the first voucher next week. This includes families of year six children who have just left.



The MATES are holding a family fun day on the Mrs Mary King's School Field on the 22nd August. Families from all the local villages including Walcott and Billinghay are welcome. This event is to say thank you to everyone for their support with the foodbank during the last year.


New Staff

We have new staff joining us at both schools.

At Mrs Mary Kings:

Miss Kayleigh Bridgewater (TA 1 to 1)

Miss Kaylee Hickman (Additional TA for Class 1)


Building Work

Over the summer, class four at Martin will be re roofed and other work will repair flat roofs and gullies. New guttering will be fitted to cope when we have exceptional downpours and prevent damage to the classrooms. New drainage will be installed on the playground to try and reduce the times the end near the trees floods.


Diary Dates

Please note that the October training day may have to be swapped another day as we want to continue our consultant led training for phonics teaching. We are waiting for possible dates and will let you know as a consultation at the earliest opportunity.


Monday 6th September Term 1 Starts

Thursday 21st October Term 1 Ends

Friday 22nd October Staff Training Day

Monday 1st November Term 2 Starts

Friday 17th December Term 2 Ends

Monday 3rd January Staff Training Day

Tuesday 4th January 2022 Term 3 Starts

Friday 11th February Term 3 Ends

Monday 21st February Term 4 Starts

Thursday 31st March Term 4 Ends

Monday 18th April Staff Training Day

Tuesday 19th April Term 5 Starts

Friday 27th May Term 5 Ends

Monday 6th June Term 6 Starts

Friday 22nd July Term 6 Ends