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I am sure that there are a lot of children looking forward to watching Sunday’s match as a family event. There are likely to be some tired heads on Monday. In the spirit of this national event we will not close registers until 10.00am on Monday. It’s better we have rested, rather than grumpy children. 


We are all too aware how much children have missed and with the move to end restrictions we have booked a two day residential visit for the current Year Five children to PGL Caythorpe from Thursday the 23rd September. Parents will drop children off at Caythorpe on Thursday morning and pick up around 2.00pm on the Friday. This is part of our work to promote mental wellbeing and will be heavily subsidised with a cost £60 for two days of team building activities. A letter will be sent home on Monday and we will need to know numbers by the end of the week. Payments can be spread over a period of time. Naturally PGL are putting in huge effort to make arrangements safe. Accommodation is not shared with other schools, children spend most of the day out side and groups will be thoroughly separated when they have meals. Full details will be in the letter. 

We are looking to resume our normal pattern of residentials from next summer if we can.