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Covid Update

We are now in hay fever season and quite a lot of children are presenting with running noses and cold like symptoms. The main symptoms for the Delta variant are a running nose and sore throat rather than the cough and loss of smell and taste.

Whilst a lot more of our community are now vaccinated we do want to keep every one safe especially as it is younger adults who are now at risk. I wouldn't want any family to have their summer ruined by illness. I continue to have the after effects of contracting Covid in December and whilst they are not debilitating they are extremely annoying.


So we need to keep a consistent approach. If you child has cold like symptoms, even if you are convinced they are not Covid, you should book a PCR test. I gather that doctors are unlikely to see children to confirm the symptoms are hay fever without them having a test first either.

If you are able to go to the testing center, results come back really quickly now and minimise time off school. As long as we know new symptoms have been checked and confirmed that they aren't Covid we will have children with hay fever in school.


Sports Day

We have considered the latest guidance on gatherings and sporting events. It looks as though we will be able to hold sports day with spectators provided we put Covid compliant measures in place.

I will provide you with a full risk management plan shortly. One key aspect will be the need for family groups to maintain distance. So we will be asking you to bring your own chairs. I need to evaluate the available space, especially at Walcott where the field is smaller to see how many groups we can accommodate in the space available (and whether we need to limit the number of spectators from each family). We might have to split the key stages at Walcott, I will confirm all of this shortly.


I hope this is really good news, it will be the first community event we have held since the fist lock down.