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Reception and Year Six height and weight measuring

Height and weight checks for children in Reception and Year 6 Every year, over 17,000 schools take part in the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP). Your school is one of these, and as part of that, your child will have their height and weight checked in this year’s programme. In conjunction with over one million other children’s measurements, your child’s measurements will then be used to gather information about children’s growth and weight patterns across the country, and this will help inform the development of actions, services and programmes to benefit children in Lincolnshire and countrywide.


Withdrawing your child from the National Child Measurement Programme If you are happy for your child to be measured, you do not need to do anything. If you do not want your child’s height and weight to be measured, or your child has a medical condition that affects their height or weight please let us know by 8 th December 2023 by calling our Single Point of Access (SPA) on 01522 843000 or email We do not need consent to measure your child’s height and weight. Children will not be made to take part on the day if they do not want to.