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It’s World Book Day on Thursday the 3rd March. This year we are asking children to take part in a cereal box challenge: take an empty cereal box, make a model or scene linked to a favourite book…or turn the box into an object from the book…. Or make the book into the book with your own cover design. Include the book title in the project and for older children a handwritten sentence or paragraph from the book would be ideal.

We did this a few years ago with shoe boxes and the results were amazing. There will be some small prizes for best project per class. We will make displays so that parents can see all the entries.

So the box could for example become a spell book, suitcase, model of Wonka’s chocolate factory, a base for a model, cut open to make a scene like those below. Be as creative as you want…

We are doing the same project at both schools and class teachers will be sending further information about the re launch of reading challenges..